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Love deeply.

Your life can feel like it is brushed with magic, like even the hardest days are illuminated by clear purpose and deep love.


You can breathe easier.
You can burn brightly.
You can heal.

I believe that showing up in the world right now requires a mix of feminist consciousness, zen mastery, depths of compassion, and a sense of humor.

My work helps women tap into their inner wisdom
and recover a foundation of deep love & trust within themselves.




You have all you need within you.
I simply remind you what your tools are:
the paintbrush of your artistry
the hammer of your fierceness and fire
the heart of your brave willingness to fight for a beautiful life
for the world
for yourself.

Book a free exploratory call to chat about what would work best for you.


 Even if we never create together, I want you to know this:
Your visions matter, and your greatest work of art is the one you have been crafting your entire life: you.

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