vision boards

What is a vision board?

At its simplest, a vision board is a place for your heart, mind, and spirit to get aligned.

At a vision board workshop, you’ll literally create your heart space, guided with support to craft a collage, paint, color, or write your goals and dreams for the future.


A goal down on paper, a word for how you want to feel, an image of the future that makes your heart skip a beat.

It’s not quite a wishlist (but it is that) and it’s not quite a to-do list (though it can inspire action) — rather, think of it as a map.

Not leading somewhere foreign or obscure, not leading to someone else’s life, or leading to what you think you ought to want, or what your parents or your colleagues want, but leading you, simply, beautifully, gracefully, back: to you.

To a future you who has all that she needs, who is gently whispering to you what the next steps are to get there, to get to her.

She’s still in there — that inner child, that wise woman, that experimental teenager, that searching soul.

What does she have to say to you?
What do you want?

How do you want to it to feel?

Come find out.