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Empower. Illuminate. Awaken.
Everything I do is based on the belief that when women feel safe and valued, we’re empowered to thrive and offer our brilliance to the world.
We cultivate this within ourselves, and we stand for it in the world.


By knowing ourselves and uplifting each other.

True beauty, true freedom, and true power await.


As a Women’s Empowerment Coach & Women’s Studies Professor,
I support women to dismantle the internalized rules and stories of what it means to be a woman, so they can connect with the truth of who they are.

I offer private coaching, host women’s circles, and run a feminist film club.

All the parts of you are welcome here.

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About me…

At the age of 12, I asked my mom to take me to my first Take Back the Night rally in our state’s capital. As we took a candle to light up the darkness with our glow, I knew that my work in the world felt like this.

I didn’t know what it was, yet, but I was beginning to see that I wanted to be part of the shift in the world in which women claimed their space.

I went on to study global feminism and women’s studies in college. My research took me to Cambodia and to Kolkata studying sex trafficking, access to medicine for girls and women, and the work of women in the non-profit world. Studying issues of justice, empowerment, and the work that women do around the world, I earned a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University, a master’s degree from Yale University and a Ph.D. from George Washington University.

In other words, I have trained as a professional nerd.

Meanwhile, in my personal life, I transitioned in and out of serious relationships, wound a meandering path toward spirituality, and had my heart broken into a thousand pieces.

Through it all, it was a community of supportive sisters who held me through it.

Together, we became devoted to crafting rituals that helped us mark pain in our lives, from losing a loved one to divorce, from miscarriages to harrowing breakups. I also became devoted to crafting a life of intention, purpose, and beauty.

Gathering flowers, drinking coffee, journaling, lunch breaks–meanwhile creating more and feeling better about my work and contribution to the world, as I was inspired, and energized.

It didn’t feel like an accident.

After teaching in settings ranging from large classrooms of students to informal groups at a swanky bar, I realized that I am here to share what I’ve learned, one woman at a time.

I'm here to help you create 
the work of art that is your life.

Whether you want to work together to craft your purpose, enroll in one of my classes or workshops, join me on a retreat,  or simply sign up for my free empowerment coaching emails, I would be honored to create together.


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