What will you create?
Who will you be?
How will you feel?


Join an intimate group of women for a six month journey that will nurture your wildest ambitions, your clearest goals, and your surest self. This is the year.
June to December 2018



Join me on a six month adventure that begins and ends with a beautiful retreat, and in between offers insights will take the energy of your summer and carry you into an Autumn of releasing and a Winter of  wisdom. Come home to yourself, deepen your community, and create a life filled with meaning, healing, and deep love.

From June to December, give yourself the gift of going deeper. In the Empowerment Mastermind, we combine the beauty of epic retreats with monthly content on the topics that illuminate our lives, from devotion and romance to finding our calling & doing meaningful work.


The Empowerment Mastermind is perfect if you:

-have been considering starting a project but need an extra push of momentum

-feel like you are a Lone Ranger as you pursue your dream business, non-profit, work promotion, or side hustle

-know that there are deeper issues standing in the way of your next venture, but aren’t sure how to start

-worry that your great idea will atrophy without deliberate intention and energy from you

-are searching for that special thing that *you* do better than anyone else, your purpose, your desire, your vision — who you are here to serve — your “why”

-long for sisterhood–a group of independent, inspiring, supportive women whose work you admire and who can encourage, teach, sympathize with, and chat with you about everything from Real Housewives to the Dalai Llama

-truly feel ready to do the work of crafting the life you know you were meant for, one of beauty, art, passionate work, purpose, service, deep love and friendship, and inspired alignment


Women are so often expected to follow an incomprehensible set of rules. Be carefree but responsible, gorgeous but it ought to be effortless, always nice yet somehow also a badass #girlboss. If you’ve been spinning your wheels trying to be everything, when instead of feeling empowered you’ve just felt exhausted, this is your space to rest.

When we strip away those rules & stories of what a woman is supposed to be, we are left with the truth of who are: emboldened, free, empowered.



The Empowerment Mastermind is designed for maximum impact. From June to December, you will focus on different elements of your life, weaving them into the larger masterpiece of your work and your life. The full experience includes gifts designed to encourage and energize your growth, two retreats, six content modules with guest teachers, meditations, and guided journal pages, and optional monthly gatherings and a private Facebook group for on-going support and sisterhood.

You’ll come away with a circle of true, supportive friends who have witnessed and held you in your journey, as well as clarity about your path, inspiration for taking aligned next steps, and a self care routine that restores your beauty with gorgeous products and inspires your soul with meaningful books.


In June, our retreat will set the mood for the year and start our program with the blooming energy of summer. This will be our space of intention setting, vision-casting, planning and plotting, and lifestyle design. We will dive deeply into the work of your year, crafting the ideal work and play for your contribution, lifestyle, and desires.
June 30 & July 1, 2018, on a beautiful rooftop in Washington, DC.

In December, our closing retreat will be the end our journey (for now!) with a celebration of all that we have done and a deepening into the quiet wisdom of winter. We will outline our next steps for ensuring that we don’t lose the momentum we have built since the start of the program, and outline clear integrative steps to further your ambitions and continue to craft the life you want to support your goals.
December 15 & 16 in a cozy, historic building in Washington, DC.



The modules will feature recorded guest interviews and teachings that you can access anywhere, discussion points and a guided journal of “heart sheets” to explore topics in depth on your own, and monthly gatherings and coaching calls where we will gather, explore, and initiate. For those participating in another area or for anyone who is unable to come to the workshop, there will be special tools to create your own experience, either alone or with friends. The topics of each module are as follows:

June:  Opening Retreat — Desires, Goals, Plans
July: Self Love, Passion & Romance
August: Passion & Purpose
September: Friendship, Feminism & Sisterhood
October: Spirituality, Depth & Devotion
November: Contribution
December: Closing Retreat


Get to know your truest self.
What does she want?
What does she love?
What is she here for?



$1150 in full, for the best value
$195/month for 7 months, for more flexibility

Your payment includes:
Access to the online Empowerment Mastermind content
& our season’s Facebook community for life
(as the program expands and evolves, so will your vision)
Food, supplies, and treats at two retreats and six gatherings
Access to all Empowerment Mastermind content
A gorgeous journal,
self care products,
books to support your growth,
and special surprises.

After May 15, prices increase to $1650 in-full, or $205 for 9 months

Plus, these early enrollment bonuses

Early Enrollment Bonuses:

WY3_8312EAll early enrollment comes with your choice of
any HEART SPACE online class.
Choose from
Feminism 101,
Vision Board Making,
and Goddess Glow, a self care guide.

In addition… 

Pay-in-Full Bonus: 

1) A mala of your choice from Tiny Devotions, a beautiful company that will allow you to keep your intentions for enrolling in mind until we begin.

2) A copy of Milk & Honey, by Rupi Kuar to keep for yourself or gift to a friend
3) A deck of The Universe Has Your Back oracle cards by Gabrielle Bernstein



card deck.png

& A $50 gift card to Anthropologie


Monthly Payment Plan Enrollment Bonus:
Complimentary enrollment at
any upcoming workshop for you
& a friend.




Your enrollment also makes it possible for a girl in Mozambique to attend school, as part of the wonderful work the organization Kurandza is doing.
As your empowerment deepens, so will hers.


Whether or not it is the right time for you to be part of our sisterhood, I invite you to join in the community here. Many women have changed their lives and become more clear on their visions and dreams simply from attending a workshop, reading the free blogposts, or engaging with other readers. You are always welcome here.

That said, if 2018 is the year of making your dreams come in loud and clear, it would be an honor to have you join us in the Empowerment Mastermind.


Questions & Answers

I’m not sure what I will want to “work on”  yet — should I still join?

Not having a crystal clear direction, goal, or vision yet is completely okay.
In fact, in the sacred, supportive, and focused space that we will create in the mastermind, your best ideas will flow with ease.
Get ready to feel a drive & clarity that you haven’t tapped into yet.
The world needs what you will create in this space.

What are the surprises?!

I have handpicked gifts for the 2018 mastermind participants that will make a life of passion, clarity, and magic more beautiful, fun, and focused.
You’ll be getting surprises throughout the program, including a gorgeous journal, inspiring books, candles, beauty products, and tokens of encouragement and inspiration to nurture the passion and purpose you cultivate in our space together.

Ready to join us?
Create space for yourself this year.