Coaching & Retreats



You can feel deeply connected to your calling, desired and adored, and truly healed.
It is painful when your life is out of alignment with your true self,
from your work to your relationships.

Come home to yourself.
Rekindle the magic in your life.




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For You.

Private Coaching
& Personal Retreats


In private coaching,
we will heal your heart and uncover your deepest callings, longings, gifts, and desires.
We will map out your path to alignment, healing, and true power.

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In a personal retreat, do a deep dive intensive toward true healing, clarity, recalibration, and passionate love. This will reset you on your path, illuminate the way, and inspire your life to unfold just as you want it.

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For us, together.


The Empowerment Mastermind:
A Group Coaching Program for Women to Heal, Create & Thrive

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For you two, together.

Couples Workshops


In a couples’ workshop, explore your hopes, fears, and passion with your love. This is perfect for couples at any stage, from just an amazing date to a healing reconnection. If you are just budding in your romance, this will give you a playful and joyful map toward one another. If you are further along in your relationship, it can be a lovely experience to align, reconnect, explore depth together, and even find your way back to one another if you have felt distant or lonely.

The flow: this work unfolds in a two hour workshop in my studio sanctuary, with art, sweets, and gifts. Set up a call to learn more, or book your session now.


And, you can always find free resources here.

Even if we never create together, I want you to know this:
Your visions matter, and your greatest work of art is the one you have been crafting your entire life: you.

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