the coaching experience


Heal from heartbreak and past pain.
Discover what you need to make life feel full, exciting, and magical.
Create routines and practices that cultivate sparkling self love and trust.
Shed layers of shame and tightness around sexual trauma and unhealed wounds.
Fall deeply in love with your life, inviting romance in with your every breath.

Uncover the deepest, truest love of your life — you.

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This is a ten session coaching program that will focus on cultivating self love, trust, and passion for women who are ready to create a life they truly love.

With private coaching, I help women tune in to the life that is calling them, building the reservoirs of self-love & trust that result in epic, deep relationships and satisfying, inspiring work.

Coaching is an investment in yourself that continues to pay off for the rest of your life, as it unfolds upon the foundation you’ll have built of healing, wholeness, and profound clarity in your truest self.


Whether you are…

looking to create a deeper connection with your partner,
or to your body,

ready to heal from trauma, harassment, or heartbreak,

excited to uncover your deepest callings and create meaningful work,

longing to embody your sexuality, brilliance, and power,

or simply desiring the space to craft a beautiful life alone in which:
dating is fun,
being single feels delicious,
and every moment is magical in its own way…

this package is for you.

Each program is includes special gifts from me, access to my current workshops and group programs, and weekly coaching sessions that will bring you the right combination of healing, comfort, inspiration, and encouragement.

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You aren’t in this alone. 

Fall in love with your life.


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