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Heart Space Online Classes


1. Feminism 101: Get the basics down so you can bring the patriarchy down.


In Feminism 101 we cover:
the waves of feminism
feminist art & poetry
theories that make sense out of life (you’re not crazy!)
activists, writers, and theorists who fought for where we are now
Become fluent in the beauty myth, the mommy wars, trans and queer liberation,
debates about sex positive porn, and more.
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2. Vision Board Magic: Craft the Life You are Longing For











Three sessions to create, inspire, and design your life,
from getting centered to getting crafty.
Create a beautiful vision board to clarify your wildest dreams
and learn to strategically implement your vision
step by step.


3. Goddess Glow: Self Love & Self Care


Eight weeks of tapping into your self care, self love, and self trust.
This is the foundation of all your best work, your truest desires, and your deepest love.
In eight sessions, that will roll out week-by-week, you will experience life as an adventure in taking divine care of yourself, tapping into your inner goddess and tending to your outer beauty, your golden core, and your pleasure centers. From your head to your toes, from your heart and soul to your brilliant brain, you will learn the strategic steps to crafting a life that fills your cup to the brim.