on getting the best advice

Things I have googled:

“How to know the right job for you”
“How to make friends as an adult”
“How to use a radiator”
“How to know the difference between intuition and fear”

I’ve spent many a moment cross legged on my couch, one hand holding a cup of coffee (okay, or wine) and the other typing in how-to-be-a-person type questions into my phone. I’ve found some great answers, and I’m thankful for this world-wide-web, but there’s one place that I often forget to turn for advice…


We are encouraged to find mentors, develop partnerships that will hold us accountable, and get input from parents or other folks who seem to know what they are doing. I love doing this and I need it often!

But, I think sometimes our world doesn’t encourage us to look inward instead, for answers that have more to do with what we want and who we are, rather than what everyone else has done.


Every woman has inside her a patient, encouraging, creative inner wise woman  — what author Tara Mohr refers to as our “inner mentor” — who can always help us find our way.

It takes practice and patience to learn to listen to her, but she will never lead us astray.

The core of this is the following belief:

We can trust in ourselves.


Sometimes what we need to grow are programs that pour into us, like a school curriculum or system of courses that we want to learn. To get better at French, or read Tarot cards, or become an astrophysicist, we need to be trained.

But for the big training of our lives, for living as we are, for uncovering our deepest desires and passions, what we need most is to learn to listen to ourselves.


This is the core philosophy of the empowerment mastermind, designed to be a program that creates space for you to hear your own inner wisdom, and then offers the structure and support to create the life you uncover.

Today is the last day to get the early enrollment pricing, so I want to invite you to consider if this is the moment to say yes.

Your inner mystic, your inner goddess, your inner warrior, and your inner teacher are all dancing together inside of you as your heart knowing, your intuition, you.

She is trying to speak to you.

Is it the right time to listen?



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