the wild feminine in us

The water was freezing, so I jumped straight in.

I was surrounded by 29 other women who had gathered for a retreat in the woods of Massachusetts, all to come home to the idea of what was sacred & what was real: that the land was sacred, that our bodies were sacred, that what we were doing here on this planet at this moment was divine.


We were also gathered to get naked.

Stripping off layers of dead stuff, old stories, stuck trauma, or lingering doubts about who we were and what was good about us. Sitting in circle together–a practice so ancient the energy of it immediately connects us to generations of ancestor ladies, gathering together around fires and babies and art–we came clean, getting raw and real. A lot of it was in our own silence, in meditations, in dreaming, in writing, but a lot of it was right outlaid, in speaking, then YELLING, and in dancing around wildly.

But then we got *actually* naked, and jumped in the lake, slathered with clay masks.


Giddy and ridiculous and wild and free, we swam around until we couldn’t take it anymore, and then hopped out to rinse off.

Our ritual ended with rose oil, which we massaged each other with as candles burned and music played. We tapped into the current of holy, feminine wildness, that has drawn circles together through the centuries, in temples, in red tents, in castles, in forests in secret, in peace circles, in art studios, in homes when we just need a friend to come over and sit with us, to hold us. We were collectors of magic.

A circle of vulnerability, smelling like lake water and roses.

A circle of women, calling on one another to bring out the goddess, the warrior, the creator, and the destroyer within each other.

A circle of sisters, tapping into the realities that our bodies are ours, that we are sacred and sovereign over them.

The word “feminine” can be loaded and heavy, dripping with pink or flowers or dolls, or signifying a flimsy lightness that we feel like we can’t count on. Sometimes the words feminine & masculine get attached to creating in a way that feels strict and unreal: that the masculine CREATES while the feminine RECEIVES. In that world, it’s no wonder that we want to distance ourselves from femininity.

We are here to create! We are not just sitting & waiting.

But that’s what I learned over the weekend at home with my sisters. Our words aren’t working when it comes to capturing that spirit of the circle, that spirit of sisterhood through the ages.

[photos of our wild captured by Katie Lenhart]
Feminine creativity is a fire. There is nothing passive about it. We burned through everything that needed to clear out.

If you feel resistant to the word feminine, get closer to that resistance. It could be that this just isn’t the right way for you to think about bodies, and work, and the world. And that is totally okay. But, it could be that you are rightfully wary of claiming a space that is passive, marked by receiving, waiting, flimsy, or lightweight.

And if that’s the case, regardless of what body you are in, I invite you to explore the wild feminine instead.

photo by Brooke Silverman, a boudoir magician

The wild feminine creative fire that births children & nature & swells seasides & quakes the earth.

The wild feminine power that cuts to the core of a sister’s suffering to reach that tender place of harm and whisper, me too.

The wild feminine force that can access the wisdom of the ages to create, to lead, to teach, to nurture, to rise, and to own our power without apology.

You are here for a deep, fire-forged reason.

You are here to be wild.

We are here to hold your wildness and cheer for you, to anoint you with rose oil, and to listen.

In November I’m holding a series of workshops that will celebrate these pieces of you. Space is limited, so if you are feeling the tug of this calling to you, I encourage you to let yourself listen. I’ll be waiting for you with so much devotion, and a few presents.

Come home

Goddess Circle: Guided Meditation & Art Journaling
Nov. 4
$35 b5sngrtypq4-jakob-owens

Come together over wine, chocolate, and fruit to spend a night out with your spirit. With guided meditation, art supplies, journaling prompts, essential oils, oracle cards, and more, you’ll have a chance in this workshop to catch your breath and get clarity around how you are feeling, what you want, and what your next steps are for your career, relationship, health, self-love, family, or whatever else is on your mind.
Read more…

#MeToo: A Gathering
Nov. 8

Come together for a night of catharsis, support, safety, and lighting shit on fire.

With guided help, you will have space to share (or not) and create, relect, and burn away any stuck stories that are holding you back from feeling truly free and truly you, including experiences of sexual trauma, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.

Harvest Vision Board Workshop: Gratitude & Goals
Nov. 12


You will come away clear and focused, inspired and energized.
We will start with mimosas, rosé, and lemonade, and get to know each other, then move into writing prompts that will get you into your most creative, inspired headspace. Then we will focus inward, on two meditations that help you access your inner wisdom, your inner peace, and your inner self, ranging from her most playful side to her serious purpose. Then, you will be guided in crafting a gorgeous vision board, collage, or mood board that will serve as a touchstone for you, a visual map toward your next steps. You’ll end with a few crystal clear directives on how to translate those visions into concrete guidelines for the rest of the year and for 2018. Along the way, there will be a few surprises and special gifts for you that will support you in creating your sacred self & space for your heart. You are committing to a future that is beautiful, crystal clear, and possibly decorated with glitter.
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Goddess Circle: Guided Meditation & Art Journaling
Nov. 14

mckinley-law-58594Read More…

Uncover Your Life Purpose: A Heart Space Workshop
Nov. 16


There is an offering that only you can make.
In your work, in love, in your family, to your community, to yourself, and for the world.
Your place in this world deeply matters.
Over wine and treats, with art supplies and high-impact explorations and exercises, you will uncover your deepest dreams and your true purpose.
This is a deep dive, and it will offer you clarity, focus, and a super charge of meaning in what you are currently doing, as well as a clear roadmap toward what you want to do next.
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Femme Night: Frida
Nov. 15
Every month I host free movie nights at Colony Club to gather over feminism & wine. Feel free to come by for November’s pick!
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It would be amazing to connect with you in November at one of these events. November is for coming home.


2018 Empowerment Mastermind

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