Crafting Autumn: Make A Vision Board

It is Fall.

Time for sharpened pencils, and new planners, and pumpkins — there is something about this moment that is still so deliciously reminiscent for me of things I love: new starts, new classes, blank pages. It’s like new year’s, but with pie. I always think of it as a time for starting over. This is my favorite time of year.

For grownups (that’s what we call ourselves, right?) it’s also a great time for getting centered and focused for a couple of reasons: impending holidays, a few months until the end of the year, and a world that is aching and burning and in need of our help. Now is the time to get clear on what fills your cup so that you can pour out service for others, while living vibrantly and feeling deeply loved.

Enter: the vision board. A space to craft your dreams & plans, your desires & your inner self. I run workshops where you can make these with me (and I supply the magazines… and wine) but I thought I’d share three tips on crafting yours at home, in case you’d like to get down to it on your own…


1. Set the stage 


As you know, I love mood lighting — candles, and twinkle lights are best — at my workshops, and a stash of chocolates and a bottle of rosé really helps to usher in a vision for the future. (It’s science.) These atmospheric things can seem frivolous or extra, especially if the vision board you are crafting is geared toward larger impulses, like your work in the world, or your family, but think of this as putting together a date for your future self and you. You can wrap the meaningful gift of your dreams in the pretty packaging of a moment that feels beautiful, conducive to a future that unfolds beautifully.

2. Gather Supplies


Grab a wide range of magazines — I especially love travel and cooking magazines… and the Sundance catalog. 😉 If you can, five or six will provide a great base. As you go through them, you’ll be looking for large, moody pictures that are a color, texture, or feeling that you love to layer in the background, with words that pull you in and smaller images to layer on top. Scissors, glue, tape and a few fun extras like glitter glue, stickers, or stamps, are also great additions.

3. Start with this: writing. 


It may seem counter intuitive, since you’re here to make and craft, but take a minute to start with writing. In my workshops I have a few exercises that we do together, but they boil down to answering this question: How do I want to feel?

If you are working on clearing space specifically at work, or in romance, or in your body — answer that question in that realm in particular. How will it feel to be doing, loving, living, moving… the way you want?

Then make, from there.

And if you want to make, from there, with me, I have a space for you in October.
See workshops and grab a glass of wine with me and your future self. 


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