What is leadership?

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For a lot of us, the qualities of leadership show up in our daily work. Inspiring others, passionate focus, clarity of purpose–these are all crucial to motivating colleagues, partners, students, and even ourselves. It’s easy to feel like a leader when things are working — your systems are managed, you are proud of your work, you are making time to eat a vegetable or two.

But what about when things are… kind of messy?

Can we still lead from that place?

For a lot of us, it is tempting to fall into the trap of only thinking of ourselves as leaders when we have our ish handled. And handled is good! (In fact, I’ll be sharing a surprise opportunity soon that I’ve been working on with one of my leadership mentors very soon, and it is going to be all about the care and handling of your leadership in an I’ve-totally-got-this way. If you’re interested, check back in next week.) Sometimes, you want to know you’ve totally got this.


But if that’s the only way we feel powerful, we are missing a core opportunity to lead authentically.

Think about how you can inspire from your stories of struggle, from the days that it still feels like moving heaven and earth to get out the door, from your messiest self.

While everyone loves to celebrate your successes with you, it could be that what they really need to know today is that you showed up anyway, even though you missed your bus and are fighting with your sister, or that you launched your program anyway, even though your ideas for design didn’t come together at all.

It might be that the story of me you really need today is this one: of me needing to trick myself into getting back into my biggest project with the reward of a manicure when the typing is finished, a ban on working at home (where I was accidentally cleaning instead of typing) and the encouragement/shame of enlisting a dear friend to read and edit my messy drafts. If I don’t send it, she knows.

Yes there are days when I feel like I am moving through my teaching, writing, playing, and making with ease–hitting that sweet spot between creative hustle and peaceful flow. Do I think we all need more of that? Yes! And I’m designing a way for you to get just that, coming soon. But are the other days–the sweatpants days, the chocolate days, the hangry days–also part of the story of your leadership? Yes. You can lead from all of yourself–in fact, the work of your life requires it.


If you already know that leadership–big or small, aspirationally together or keeping-it-real messy–is going to be one of your big goals for 2018, pre-enrollment is open for my signature program, the 2018 Empowerment Mastermind.


Not only will this pair perfectly with the surprise I’m cooking up for you next week, but early birds will get a free gift to honor their alignment, intention and momentum.


Throughout the month of October, any enrollments will include your choice of a mala from Tiny Devotions, an intentional company I adore and whose products will support you as you set goals in all your leadership, messy or not. Just enter your mala of choice as a note when you check out! Or, let me choose one to gift you, writing a quick note about what your goals for the program are.


If you have any questions about whether or not the Empowerment Mastermind would be a good fit for you, let’s hop on the phone!

To your leadership, may it be inspiring, may it be authentic, may it be real.







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