Introducing the 2018 Empowerment Mastermind.

Starting in January, join an intimate group of women for a five month journey that will nurture your wildest ambitions, your clearest goals, and your surest self. This is the year. Enrollment is limited, so if this feels like the right fit, secure your spot today.


The Empowerment Mastermind is perfect if you:

-have been considering starting a project but need an extra push of momentum

-feel like you are a Lone Ranger as you pursue your dream business, work promotion, or side hustle

-know that there are deeper issues standing in the way of your next venture, but aren’t sure how to start

-worry that your great idea will atrophy without deliberate intention and energy from you

-are searching for that special thing that *you* do better than anyone else, your purpose, your desire, your vision — who you are here to serve — your “why”

-long for sisterhood–a group of independent, inspiring, supportive women whose work you admire and who can encourage, teach, sympathize with, and chat with you about everything from Real Housewives to the Dalai Llama

-truly feel ready to do the work of crafting the life you know you were meant for, one of beauty, art, passionate work, purpose, service, deep love and friendship, and inspired alignment

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