Play is Part of Your Work


I wanted to show off a few photos that I adore from a fun afternoon that I spent playing — playing dress up, quite literally, and playing around with people I loved to make something fun! We set out to recreate a few scenes from one of my very favorite movies, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and I got to spend a little time inhabiting the world of croissants, powder room visits, and Tiffany’s, a la Holly GoLightly.

It was making time to play.

It’s all fun and games, but it’s also decidedly serious.

Carving out time to play matters. A lot. 

I used to think that any time spent not working was wasted — it wasn’t *real.* Now, I know that taking a time out to be silly, to play around, to do something JUST FOR FUN, is not only good just by itself, but can contribute to more, better work when you do come back. So I slowly started to integrate more silly moments into my daily life.

When I was first practicing with this, I started imagining an alter ego who had tons of fun all the time, and would sometimes try to imagine what she would do. Maybe her day did not consist of waking up and checking her email from her phone in bed, then gulping down coffee on her way out the door, already late to a meeting… (ahem)

Maybe instead her mornings were a little more…f u n. Maybe they included time for a smoothie and a moment to meditate and a cat meme or two.

My fun alter ego was ok wearing sequins to a museum, streaking her hair blonde, ordering gelato, and climbing trees. It didn’t mean I couldn’t still prioritize doing what I needed to do, but maybe on the way there, or on a lunch break in between classes, or after work, my life could be peppered with things that were just to play, just to be silly, just for fun.

And when my brain took a break from serious work to play around a little, I always found I came back to the job refreshed, refocused, and relieved.

What would your alter ego do today, just for fun?

Your idea of fun may have nothing to do with wearing pink and pretending to be Audrey Hepburn on a Saturday afternoon, it may be a long walk in the woods, or long overdue coffee with girlfriends, or fingerprinting… just keep in mind that play isn’t the opposite of work, it’s part of how the work gets done, and it all matters.

Besides, as Holly says, “It’s useful being top banana in the shock department.”

Photography: Linnea Farnsworth

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