What is inspiring you, lately?

It has been a long season of silence, but as things around me bloom and blossom, I feel called back into this space, too. Hi. Won’t you come in?

Summer rooftops, cucumbers in cocktails, the morning paper, the feel of a dress in the breeze, a pen & a blank journal at a little cafe. What is inspiring you?

If it feels like the right time to make a new map for your work, for your love longings, for your home, for your future, for your sense of adventure, maybe it is a good time to join us at a little art studio on Georgia Avenue for a night of vision board making. Art supplies, sparkling drinks, and flowers are on me. The magic part we can craft together.

Join in July? Classes are up on The Lemon Collective calendar. You can also find them directly on the “workshops” tab above. Your visions are waiting.


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