getting close and cozy with money

from design sponge

Lately, I have spent a lot of time thinking about money.

It might not seem like the most natural link to vision boards, beauty, and big picture dreams, but I’ve come to think of it all as deeply intertwined (even tangled, in my experience) and I’m wondering if you will, too.

The link between how we want our lives to look and feel & our feelings and practices around money is strong.

We block our consciousness and focus around money for a lot of different reasons, from rehearsing childhood money lessons to seeking some emotional soothing through shopping. It can feel freeing to spend without worrying about how the bill will get paid, or comforting to hoard money close by, with a death grip on what have out of fear for what the future holds.

Our big plans for the future, daily splurges and habits,  and sense of our selves are all bound together with our finances… not because our worth is determined by our worth, but because our feelings about money have so much to do with our feelings about everything else. Money can be a source of a lot of shame for people, or a topic that some of us just don’t feel like spending much time thinking about.

But, it can also be a powerful tool for mapping out the life we want. Planning for a big adventure, a deeper investment in a home or a big experience, or our futures as wise, old farts, can actually help us to uncover gifts, values, dreams, and visions that we didn’t even know we had.

So today, think about how you want to feel when you think about your finances.

Maybe you are a person for whom saving comes quite naturally, and you have spent a lifetime perfecting your budget and tracking your dollars. Perhaps what you want to feel in your future self is a little more “free” or even “generous,” with yourself and with others.

Or, maybe you have been detached from your money lately (or longer than lately!) and you could really use more attention to your bank account, debt, and goals. Perhaps what you long to feel, then, is “safe” or “clarity” or even simply, “awake.”

My word for us, as a community of artists and dreamers in Washington, DC and beyond, is “cozy” — I think it is the perfect time to get up close and cozy with our money, to feel wrapped in a big blanket by our awareness and our in-touch-ness to what is happening in our financial worlds, but also comforted by a path we have created that includes long-term safety, short-term lattes, and adventures in between.

If money is on your mind these days, and you find Autumn and Winter’s burry in and renew spirit beckoning, I have two invitations.

The first is that my favorite finance book, The Art of Money by Bari Tessler, is available today on kindle for $1.99! It’s beautiful, encouraging, and surprisingly delicious.


I know that judging a book by its cover is the cardinal biblio-sin, but in this case…go ahead and do it. 🙂 Isn’t it so clear why this would be the perfect finance book for Beauty School? If you snag a copy, feel free to report back here with your insights… I know I would welcome them, and as we grow a little beautiful community I suspect you will find others who share your story.

And speaking of our community–if you are interested in diving even more deeply into the topics of money habits, financial goals, the emotional and holistic side to our debts and dreams, and the relationship between money and our visions for life, consider joining me to get cozy in December at the first Beauty School Money Workshop. Over treats, wine, & hot toddies, we will get brave and bold together, and explore elements of our financial lives that range from the practical and useful (logistics, bookkeeping, tips, habits) to the big picture and vision-oriented (goals, lifestyles, dreams, planning).

If you have read The Art of Money, by then, think of this as a place to talk through some of the book’s concepts together, with a lot of new insights. If you haven’t, you’ll get the best pieces of it delivered (alongside wisdom from other finance gurus) through our exercises, meditations, and plans.

For more information, and to sign up, head here!

Wishing you a delicious, abundant, harvest hunter moon October day. <3

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